Last Night

Dim lights, neon sights
Afraid to take flight
Quiet sighs, loud crowd
His memory remained loud


Tula para kay Tagpi

Umaga, gabi– ika’y nakakulong sa sulok
Idinaan sa pag-tulog ang iyong lugmok
Walang oras o lakas, hinayaan ka nila
Pag-alis at pagdating mo lang sila nakikita

Siguro’y iniisip mo, ito ba ang pangako?
Pangakong pagmamahal nang ika’y ilayo
Sa bentahan–este kanlungan, isa sa isandaan
Ang maswerteng tutang nagkaroon ng tahanan

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He ignited a wonder in me
That I had never felt before.

He had the feel of an art.
A solidly built man, exuding his walls.

He had time to promise
A day in the distance.

But that promise became nothing.
Hope kept on dangling.

Feelings died, but memories stayed immensely.
The heartbreaker played it masterfully.

The Way She Looked

She stood there
Quiet… magnificent
Couldn’t help but stare
A weird signal was sent

Was it from my mind?
Was it from my heart?
All I know she’s rare find
And I want our story to start

She stood there
Glorious…. passionate
Few inches away, bare
With a sly smile I couldn’t take

I held her close, she complied
She led me into her arms
Mind is fixed, Heart is tied
Never thought this could harm

She stood there
Silent– with teary eyes
My heart is in despair
Not ready for goodbyes

Left me alone in my bed
You gave a last kiss my lips
It kept repeating on my head
As I cried myself to sleep

Doodles on the Walls

We break the rules, we get some fun
You and me against everyone
Delighted mess, that’s why they say
If only we could just stay

Forever–on the four plain walls of school
The only place that we’re both cool
But students graduate– we left the building
What’s left are memories, and such longing

Where are you, partner in crime?
Let’s meet, it has been a long time
I can’t take you out of my head
Can’t I just visit you instead?

I miss our doodles on the bathroom walls
I miss the secret writings on the halls
But it’s you whom I miss the most
Please come back, even as a ghost.