The Little Mermaid’s Letter

To the Prince that I’ve loved and lost,

You probably don’t have all the time in the world now. Maybe, I’m no longer part of your memory. But please, do me a favor. Finish this letter.

I bet you’re thinking, “Who wrote this?” “What’s up with the bottle with my name on it?” You must have a thousand questions in your mind right now. But don’t worry, I’ll explain everything.

Remember the mute who ended up living in your castle for three days? The weirdo who can’t even walk straight when you first saw her? That’s me. And I’m…I’m a mermaid.

Yes. We exist, Eric.

I lived under the sea, which is pretty close from your castle. I’m the youngest among the seven daughters of King Triton. I’m the troublemaker among my siblings. Well, I guess I’m too adventurous.

The population of our kingdom is a tiny speck compared to your world, but enough to keep it going. Based on the books that I’ve read from your library, people think that living as a mermaid feels majestic.

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but being a mermaid sucks. While humans get to maximize the use of their feet, we’re stuck in the ocean, with weird unlikeable sea creatures, wearing boring clam bras. Looking for adventure is challenging and I get bored all the time–except when your kingdom go on crusades.

I first saw you on one of those marvelous ships. It’s also the first time I saw human beings. At first I was terrified, as my father had been warning us about “horrible land creatures”, but seeing your smile swept my fear away. That encounter made me curious about humans. So every time I got the chance, I’ll swam across the ocean to follow your ship.

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Did you ever feel like wanting to jump off the nearest bridge, tower, cliff? Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t.

I was one of those who did, one of those curious beings who have been wondering, how does it feel to fall? Those inevitable seconds of death, the sensation it brings to their bodies as they approach the asphalt, I wanted to know. Maybe one day, I’ll just consider jumping off somewhere, with my hands up high in the air, with a smile across my face as I accept eternal slumber.

But then, love went over and slapped me right into my consciousness.

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6 “Painless” Ways to Break-Up with Someone

Googled image from the korean drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Nobody wants endings, especially in relationships. Nevertheless, break-ups do happen. And when it comes to break-ups, most people go all dramatic, then would commonly use these lines to break up with their partners:

It’s not you. It’s me.

I need space.

We’re better off as friends.

You’re too good for me. I don’t deserve you.

I get it– They’re trying to spare their partners from heartbreak, but these lines are cliche and unrealistic.

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Para sa Naghahanap ng kanyang “Tonyo”

Isa. Isang pagkakataon ang ibinigay ng tadhana sa’yo. Naalala mo pa ba? Nasa aklatan ka nang may lumapit na isang lalaki. Mas matangkad ka pa sa kanya. Hindi rin siya kasing pogi ni Piolo o kasing charming ni John Lloyd. “Hello, pwedeng magpakilala?” Tanong niya. Sumagot ka agad ng Oo at saka ibinigay ang number mo— hindi dahil sa gusto mo, pero dahil gusto mo na siyang umalis. Ayaw mong makita ka ng mga kaibigan mong kausap siya, diba?

Dalawa. Dalawang araw siyang naghintay ng reply mo, naghahangad ng “Good Morning too.” sa kanyang mga bati. Ngunit ni “k.” ay hindi mo naibigay sa kanya. Sabi mo sa mga kaibigan mo, wrong number lang ang nagtetext sa’yo ng paulit-ulit. Okay sana kung nagsawa na siya pero hindi. Patuloy siyang umasa at inisip na baka namali siya ng type ng number mo.

Tatlo. Tatlong buntong hininga ang nailabas mo nang magkita kayo sa popcorn station ng sinehan. Nanonood siyang mag-isa at inaya ka niyang na manood ng sine. Sabi mo may mga kasama ka at baka mailang sila, pero wala ka naman talagang kasama nang araw na iyon.

Apat. Apat na rosas ang natanggap mo mula sa kanya nung Valentines. Sinadya niya pang pumunta sa klase mo para ibigay iyon. Maraming kinilig. Marami ring natawa. Mas pinakinggan mo ang nanglait kaysa sa mga natutuwa. Kaya nang inaya ka niyang kumain sa labas. Bumulong ka na lang ng “Mamaya” para umalis na siya. Tumalon talon siya nang makalabas ng classroom niyo.

Lima. Limang oras kayong nagkasama. Namangka kayo sa eco park. Kumain sa kalapit foodpark. Bentang benta sa’yo ang mga jokes niya. Aminin mo, iba talaga ang saya mo nung kasama mo siya diba? Kaya akala niya iyon na ang simula. Pero iyon na pala ang naging katapusan.

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Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B Review: Stylish Enough

If you haven’t watched the film yet, go back and watch it first. This review doesn’t contain major spoilers but has details that might ruin your “manananggal” experience. So go ahead and watch this movie, as well all the movies under Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2017.

But if you’re itching to know the details, go ahead and scroll down for more. I did warn you though.

When I first watched the trailer for Prime Cruz’s Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B, I was instantly hooked. The creepy yet stylized aesthetic, Ryza Cenon’s alluring aura, the modernized presentation of a classic Filipino Folklore, the captivating soundtrack– it definitely gave me high hopes that this movie is going to be something brilliant.

That’s why I decided to save a few hundred pesos, took early off to work and went alone in the mall just to see this film.

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Twisted Hope

“I didn’t kill your father. I can’t make you believe me but it’s true.” She whispered, tears streaming down her face.

I hated the fact that she’s staying inside a white room with glossy windows instead of rotting in jail. She doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. She’s a monster.

But maybe it’s for the best. And maybe, that by staying here, she’ll grow a conscience and admit the truth.

But here she is, two months later, still a lying prick.

“Stop denying.” I wanted to slap the hell out of her, but couldn’t because of the fact that she is my bestfriend— was.

Ever since she moved into our house twelve years ago, smiling became a usual thing, and lonliness left my mind. We were partners in crime, sisters by love. I’ve relied to her all my life.

But now…

“Look at me.” I commanded.

She looked at me, at last. Tears were still falling.

“Just tell me the truth.”

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10 Ways to Win an Introvert Girl’s Heart


Winning an introvert girl’s heart isn’t as complex as you might thought it would be. But don’t expect it to be easy, as you’re dealing with an independent woman who can be happy in her own world. That’s why I came up with these ten tips to help you out:


Tip #1: A meaningful conversation is the key to capture an introvert’s attention, as “small talks” will bore us to death. Don’t expect her to tell you a long story of her LRT shenanigans by “What’s up?”, it’s not gonna be like that.

Though we have specific topics in mind, most introverts don’t have the guts to initiate a discussion. So take the plunge and just ask her about politics, pop culture, or whatever your interest is.

Tip #2: Be Genuine. Making her comfy with you is important. But you’ll never succeed if she feels that you’re not genuine. Don’t focus on impressing her because she’ll never buy that shit. Introverts are keen observers. They will know if you’re being real or not.


TIP #3: Instead of flowers, give her a book, or a DVD copy of your favorite movie, or even a goddamn rubik’s cube. We prefer things that are useful and thoughtful. Expensive gifts might impress us for awhile, but something sentimental would be so much better.

TIP #4: Simple, sweet gestures. You don’t need to sing in front of a crowd— singing her favorite song on phone will do. Introverts are pretty much uncomfortable when they are the center of attention and we would appreciate a romantic moment more when people are not watching.

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